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The Art of Peter Voulkos
by Rose Slivka, Karen Tsujimoto

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The Art of Contemporary American Pottery
by Kevin A. Hluch, Rob Barnard

Book Description
Functional pottery brings beauty to everyday life in this thought-provoking book that explores the philosophical, historical and aesthetic considerations of contemporary American pottery as art.

Author Kevin Hluch, potter and professor of ceramics for more than 25 years, brings his expertise and knowledge to this inspiring look at the art of functional pottery such as bowls, plates, teapots, cups, jars, bottles and vases. Includes a list of galleries where artists exhibit their work and addresses for potters that details which potters sell their wares from their studio/gallery.
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The Complete Potter's Companion
by Tony Birks
Revised and updated, this classic potter's volume explains everything from preparation through firing, with stops along the way for detailed coverage of working on the wheel; coiled, slab, and pinch pots; mold making; slip casting; and glazing and decorating. The comprehensive text ranges from basic (wedging and kneading, beginning wheelwork) to advanced (spray glazing, raku firing). The no-frills design of the book packs almost too much information on a page, but the instructions are clear and thorough, the photos (more than 450, all in color) are straightforward and helpful, and the stunning examples of work by contemporary potters provide additional inspiration.

Average Customer Review: 4.9 out of 5 stars
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Contemporary Ceramics
by Susan Peterson

Book Description
This unprecedented survey of the most outstanding ceramics being created today offers a sweeping close-up look at the work of more than 260 artists from more than thirty countries. A special feature of this collection is the range of work from China, almost unknown outside of this country until now. Organized by the distinctive categories of functional ceramics, figurative pieces, and installation works, the book gives a complete picture of the latest developments in each area of contemporary ceramic art. Chapters on materials, firing techniques, ethnic influences in design, and related topics delve into every aspect of ceramics creation that would be of interest to crafters, collectors, and other readers who are drawn to contemporary art. Stimulating essays by the author tie together the wide range of work shown in superbly detailed color photographs.

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The Best of New Ceramic Art
by Toni Fountain Sikes

Card catalog description
The Best of New Ceramic Art features the 100 winning entries - chosen from almost 1,000 submissions - for the Monarch National Ceramic Competition, North America's premiere showcase for new ceramic art. The book serves as an exhibition on paper, showcasing a splendid collection of diverse objects that are a testament to the strength of ceramic art as a modern art form. The superb illustrations are a rich source of inspiration as well as a permanent reference. This book will be welcomed by practicing artists throughout the world, along with those who find pleasure in looking at and collecting ceramics.

Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
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