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Color on Metal

by Tim McCreight, Nicole Bsullak


Book Description
Color on Metal presents the work and words of metal artists in love with color. In the past several years, jewelry and decorative metal objects have become emancipated from the traditional reliance on silver and gold. Not only are copper and brass now fair game for serious designers, but the beautiful rich colors of enamels and patinas, as well as recent technologies like electroplating and anodizing, have become increasingly popular.

An introductory chapter explains the different ways that metal can be colored. Four sections of striking full-color images illustrate the rich diversity of color as it is seen in contemporary work: patinas, enamels, applied color and avant-garde. For each of 50 pieces, the artists describe their personal approaches to color and process, offering insight into the creative mind.

* Stunning examples of work by top jewelers and metal artists
* Explains the techniques used, with text that is enlightening but not overly technical
* A must-have volume for artists and collectors

Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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The Contemporary Blacksmith
by Dona Z. Meilach

Book Description
This important new book tackles the burgeoning revival of the blacksmith's art. Author Dona Meilach has brought together over 500 works by nearly 200 artist-craftsmen from sixteen countries to illustrate the unprecedented activity in modern ironwork that has led to its blossoming into a serious art form. You'll learn several techniques using hot and cold forming with the results clearly shown. You'll be able to recognize how a fence, railing, grille, table, chair, knife, and other items evolve, and better appreciate their design and workmanship. Each chapter provides background for the type of objects shown-- architectural ironwork, sculpture, furniture, containers and vessels, lighting fixtures and candleholders, fireplace accessories, wind vanes, household and liturgical items, and the incredible knives made of Damascus steel. You'll find ample information for how and where to begin your own study in this extensive resource list of organizations, Internet sources, publications, museums, and educational opportunities. The Contemporary Blacksmith** undoubtedly should be found in the libraries of every metalworker, art educator, architect, interior designer, ironwares collector, and crafts person.

Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
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The Art of Blacksmithing

by Alex W. Bealer


Explaining how it was done in bygone days, an illustrated guide to blacksmithing shows how to make all of the things the blacksmith traditionally created--knives, horseshoes, iron grills, rifle barrels, barrel hoops, and much more.

Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars
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Catching the Fire : Philip Simmons, Blacksmith

by Mary E. Lyons

From School Library Journal
Grade 4-8. Lyons has again traced the life and work of a contemporary African-American craftsman and artist. Here, she introduces readers to Philip Simmons, a blacksmith from Charleston, SC, who was trained by an older craftsman. Quotes from Simmons appear throughout; the author mentions that she interviewed him and that most of the story is related in his own words. Not much is told about his personal life except that he was raised by grandparents, had two siblings, was married, and had three children. When his wife died, the children, who were all preschoolers at the time, were sent to live with "caring kinfolk and friends" and Simmons concentrated on supporting them and perfecting his craft. It is this work that the author emphasizes, giving readers information about how a forge operates. The text is highlighted by good-quality, full-color photographs of the subject's artwork, as well as pictures of the forge and bellows and some of the people with whom he worked. There is a good index, and the lengthy bibliography can lead youngsters to further study of Simmons, his craft, and Charleston. This is a good addition to the author's series of books on American artisans.?Margaret C. Howell, West Springfield Elementary School, VA
Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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The Complete Modern Blacksmith
by Alexander G. Weygers


Reviewer: A reader from Detroit, Michigan USA
THE COMPLETE MODERN BLACKSMITH is an excellent book! This book covers everything from tools to techniques, forge design to making your own custom anvil. I have personally read and re-read this book, and would reccomend it to anyone interested in blacksmithing or other types of metalwork, and wood/stone carvers who would like to make their own tools. This book is most assuredly a valuable resource.
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Based on 3 reviews.
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