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Pottery by Skikha
Born and raised in New Delhi, Shikha Joshi, now creates elegant functional forms enhanced by elaborate surface embellishment at his studio in Round Rock, Texas
Linda Gossett
Linda Gossett has been creating unique designs in clay, fabric, and mixed media for over fifteen years in Dallas and San Angelo, Texas.
Gary Huntoon
Currently a full time Art Instructor at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas and part time Ceramics Instructor at Richland Community College. Also maintains a ceramic studio in Dallas.
Billy Ray Mangham
Billy Ray Mangham has been working in clay for 28 years. Billy Ray work is focused on the Raku process. Pottery.

Carole L. Fleischman
Carole Fleischman's work focus on ceramic sculptures of the cat, original, whimsical, and a tribute to the mighty, mystical, marvelous cat.

Mirtha Aertker
Mirtha Aertker lives in Allen, Texas along with her husband and three teenage children. She continues her studies in distinct techniques of fired art while participating in shows, local galleries and national art competitions.

David Dotter Ceramics
Wheel-thrown and altered vessels by David Dotter. Information about the artist, work, and upcoming events.
William Melstrom
Crystalline pottery porcelain. Crystalline-glazed ceramic vases, bowls, platters. Award winning crystal glaze, William Melstrom, Spiral Studio.
ClayWays Pottery Studio and Gallery
ClayWays Pottery Studio and Gallery combines pottery classes and pottery studio space with a gallery showcasing the largest selection of ceramics in Austin by central Texas potters.
Clayworks Studio Gallery Austin
Clayworks Studio Gallery specializes in light sconces and decorative tile, made by hand and fired on the premises.
Diana Seidel 
Diana Seidel primarily works with wheel-thrown stoneware and rich matte glazed to make pieces intended for daily use in the home.
Earline M. Green
It is my mission to use clay to document the contributions of my African American Ancestry through figures, other sculptural forms and vessels.
Emily Rensink
EmilyRensink'swork is based on historical percussion instruments, such as the udu, slit drum, sistrum, xylophone, rasp and many others.
Finley Pottery
Wheel thrown, hand carved pottery.
Gordon Pottery
Hand thrown horsehair pottery.
Jeanine Finn
With her clay work she strives to show the symbolic as well as physical connection between human and vessel, using forms and surface decorations that reflect a human presence.
Kelly Borsheim
Artist Kelly Borsheim sculpts marine subjects in stone and bronze, as well as figurative arts in bronze and stone. See also the sculptor's oil paintings, mostly tasteful nudes.
Marla Ziegler
I think of myself as a sculptor who chooses to create in clay, preserving parts of this medium's rich tradition while stretching its identity as a contemporary three-dimensional material.
Old Farmhouse Pottery
 All of the pottery from the Old Farmhouse is handmade by David Hendley. Most of the pottery is made with the potters wheel and/or the clay extruder, and David formulates and mixes all the clays, slips, colors, and glazes. The pottery is fired to 2400º F in a wood fired kiln. It is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe and is quite durable.
San Antonio Pottery
Jack Boyle creates unique pottery, everyday stoneware, and functional artwork He has been creating artwork from his San Antonio studio for over 25 years.
Sleeping Dog Studio
Studios of Billy Ray and Beverly Mangham.
Sunset Canyon Pottery
Handmade pottery for the dinner table, kitchen and home that is both beautiful and durable.


Vicki Hardin
Tony Dosiek
Roger Allen














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