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   Donna Sarafis



Donna's interest in art began with her first classes in German folk art, Bauernmalerie, in Heidelberg, Germany. Returning to Texas, she taught classes in several art leagues including Brenham and Smithville. After years of painting on wood, metal or anything that would stand still, ceramics were introduced to her by a dear friend in La Grange. Donna applied the folk art methods to ceramics and explored ways to bring a watercolor-look to painting on bisque. Much to her surprise, one of her plates won a coveted Freddie award. This launched an endeavor to paint custom, one-of-a-kind tile murals and accessory pieces.

In 1999, a move to Washington introduced her to the world of fused glass, and a love affair began with it's "painterly" qualities. 2001 brought a move back to Texas, with a stop in Portland just long enough to pick up crates of fusable glass from Bullseye. A studio in Fayetteville gave her space to experiment and explore the range of glass as a palette. Within a few months, Clarksville Pottery in Austin, Glass Works in San Antonio, and Hanson Galleries in Houston were taking pieces for retail. During this time, pieces were signed Donna L. Phillips.

A new era, however, was on the horizon. A return to college, and a move to Huntsville brought with it a new partnership. John Sarafis, teacher and fellow artisan, and Donna became Mr. and Mrs. Sarafis in October, 2006. Both will be teaching and creating new and original works of art that they believe will be enhanced by their partnership in this effort. It is their hope that their secluded studio will foster creativity, and provide a quiet, peaceful place to learn and study.

We will be posting new announcements concerning classes, scheduling, and studio events on this site. In the future, visiting artists will be invited to give seminars and classes. Open studio time will also be available to students who have previously taken classes. We look forward to meeting and greeting all who have an interest in the arts and making new friends.


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