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 Don Wall
A native Texan, Don Wall has studied fine art and sculpture through out the United States.  He did his undergraduate studies at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas and attended the University of Texas Austin for his graduate studies.  While at U.T. he studied classical painting under Loren Mosley and Robert Fisk.  Don enjoys creating illustrative images using both classical and impressionistic techniques in his paintings, wood carvings and stone carvings.  Most of Don's sculptures and paintings illustrate man as he struggles in and with his environment.  Don is actively involved in the local art community and has shown his work in galleries throughout the Southwest.  You can commission a special art piece on canvas or stone for your private art collection or choose from art works he has created.  Mr. Wall also teaches various classes and seminars in art history, painting and sculpture.

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Snorkelers Off of Isla Muertes Summer Girl    Can't Stay for Dinner Last to Surrender Life Forms 5 Our Man in Tikal

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