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GSusan Raine
American Artist



A degree in biology and chemistry, 26 years in the aerospace industry and a lead auditor for the world’s largest certification organization; and I was so unhappy. So, in 2008 I moved to Austin Texas, adopted two mixed pit bull dogs, a 28 ounce neurotic kitten, and simply pushed the magic send button on my keyboard and my resignation letter was off. 

What was I thinking?  FREEDOM AND PASSION.  I was finally going to pursue a career as an American Artist.  From childhood I was compelled to create, won awards for my work and voted most likely to succeed as an artist.  Why not take these attributes to a professional level?

So, for the next 9 months I spent every day either painting or sculpting, ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and made some really bad stuff, but slowing I began to sell a few items and my heart began to sense that I really could do this artist thing.  There was a bigger in thrill selling a sculpture to a woman who said she could feel the agony in the piece and that she was proudly going to display it on her desk, than with meeting with the heads of major aerospace companies to discuss their audit results!  

My typical day begins early in the morning with a cup of warm coffee, my two dogs and cat by my side offering their varied opinions on how the piece should go, and ends late in the evening with one of them snoring so loudly, that the sound rattles the windows.  Life is good.

My goals as an artist is to share my vision of the world by, creating distinct pieces of work with unique forms, textures and expressions that will add something special to the viewers day.

 Susan Raine
512-312-9603 (office)
512-698-1950 (cell)
studio/gallery tour on request


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