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Mejo Okon


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Artist Mejo Okon’s studio deep in the heart of San Angelo’s Chicken Farm
Art Center looks like the home of a West Texas artist. A 4-foot square painting of a blue bull on a background of gold leaf dominates the small space. On the walls are paintings of cowboys and their horses, of prize cattle, of agave cactus. A Mexican village spills down a cliffside in blocks of color.
Despite the evidence, Okon is not from West Texas. The Indiana native made her way to San Angelo four years ago, pursuing careers along the way that ranged from advertising illustration to costume manager for traveling Broadway shows, from graphic designer to NBC courtroom sketch artist. “There was always that little inner voice that said, ‘Paint. Run away and paint,’” Okon said. “I ran away a couple of times — I’ve lived in Alaska, South Carolina, Michigan, New York City.”
Mejo Okon is fond of repeating what natives from the Lone Star State often say: “There are two Texases: Texas and West Texas.” Okon moved straight into the heart of ranching country. Since settling here, she has found endless inspiration in cowboys, ranches and the landscape. But then again, she has always loved horses and animals. “I grew up when cowboys were popular on television. I still have my boots from when I was three years old. And my old cap guns hang in my studio.”
When it comes to style of work, Okon is a self-described colorist. “I really like to capture my images when the sun begins to set. I am drawn to the extreme shadows, colors and contrasts.” Mejo Okon considers her work to follow a contemporary western theme. Her work has been published in “Southwest Art Magazine”, “Society of Illustrators: Illustrators 18” and “200 Years of American Illustration.” She is a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Plains Artists, and Colored Pencil Society of America.


education: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University

studio: Chicken Farm Art Center, Studio # 15, 2505 Martin Luther King Blvd.

information: 325.227.3173


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Ropin' Calves
Oil (48" x 48")
The Brahma Charolais
Oil (36” x 48”)
The Brethren
 Oil (30” x 40”)
Mike + Ranger
Oil  (24” x 30”)

Two Longhorns
Oil  (51” x 72”)


The White Charolais Cow
Oil  (30” x 40”)




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