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 GAllen Heinecke
   bar H Photography

A life-long Texan, Allen's eye and heart are captured by the lure of the country side and western culture. Whether shooting abandoned buildings, landscapes, or capturing the action of a rodeo, he is captivated by everything Texan. A self-taught photographer, the camera has been a part of his life for over 40 years. He works in color and black & white. Even with the advent of digital photography he employs special effects only sparingly in his work, choosing instead to capture the natural beauty of the land or man's impact on it.

Allen's work embodies a wide variety of styles, including landscapes, architecture, action, still-life, portraits, and nature. With his wife of 36 years by his side (fast becoming a proficient photographer in her own right) he enjoys traveling the back roads and small towns of Texas.



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Out To Pasture
Chasin' the Bronc Comfortable Boots Double M Ranch Store Front, Tolar, TX



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