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Oscar Latham
Stone Dog Sculpture
2505 MLK
San Angelo, Texas







Oscar's affinity for carving stone may have originated in his teen years as he developed a love for hunting arrowheads and unusual stones on farms and ranches in Central Texas.  His earliest work experience was hauling limestone rocks out of the fields and at the very least, this type of work did motivate him to pursue and education in Social Work.  While working on a Master's Degree in San Antonio, experiences in and out of the classroom caused Oscar to reflect upon his life.  These events led to his search for metaphysical understanding, which continues to this day. 
Approximately, five years ago, Oscar had a strong premonition, during a daily meditation, that he needed to carve stone.  Having no artistic training, he began a self-taught process of playing with the sculpturing of stone.  The process brought him peace of mind .  In all humility, Oscar feels that if any of his works bring an inspiration to others, it is simply the result of an intuitive process and indeed, does involve a great degree of spiritual guidance.  His hand tools seem to be guided and he is as surprised as anyone else at the sculptures that emerge from the stone.  Much of Oscar's work focuses upon his own limitations and the spiritual growth necessary for slowly learning the art of love, patience, compassion and serving mankind.

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