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Sculptors of Texas

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Danville Chadbourne
Essentially, my work is concerned with the evocation of spiritual or primal states, using simple organic forms, often in suggestive conjunctions that elaborate metaphorically primary issues of ambiguity, morality, accident/intention, contradiction or even existence. Frequently there is an allusion to circumstance, contextual usage, and time as a condition of the work, but it appears in a peripheral, indirect, or generalized way, never specific or obvious.
Garland Weeks
While Garland has spent over 40 years creating art based on his observations of Mother Nature’s native wildlife, insects, pets and livestock, he is best known for and always returns to the human figure as his personal touchstone. The human figure and forms (Mother Nature’s work at its best) are where he finds his real heart and soul and his most basic personal, emotive, artistic vision. He has successfully sculpted a diverse body of work ranging from life-size astronauts to life-size cowboys and soldiers; doctors, preachers, and firemen to pool players, nudes, and police officers; cats and mice to grandmothers and portraits; horses and dogs to grasshoppers and dung beetles; and literary figures from Rip Van Winkle to “Old Yeller.” Mother Nature offers endless opportunities and possibilities!
Colleen's Art Café - Art For The Home
Sculpture, memorials, paintings and historical restoration by Colleen McCulla-Thomas of Wimberley.
Shelley Kolman Smith
Portraits and Liturgical Art. Specializing in sensitive portrayals in Bronze and terra cotta.

Michael Boyett Bronzes
Boyett sculptures are classic, realistic bronzes representing historical America. They are known for their intricate detail and bold movement in scales ranging from miniature to monumental.

Kyra Jenkins
Bronze sculptures of wildlife, busts and a 7 piece Biblical series, From Perfection-Through Death-To Glory.

Heather Gorham
Selected works by Heather Gorham.

"Dances with Steel" Metal Sculpture by Jerry Daniel
Emphasis on welded steel abstract figurative and non-figurative sculpture from small to monumental for over forty years.
Bridgette Mongeon
Based in Houston, Texas, Bridgette Mongeon is renowned for her unique and beautiful bronze sculptures of children, pets and celebrities.
Art and Sculpture by Ricardo Puemape
Figurative works in wood, stone and bronze.        
Art Blevins
Specializing in portrait sculpture using bronze and terra cotta.
Austin Stone Carving
From original eclectic designs to time-honored traditional sculpture and everything in between, Austin Stone Carving offers high-quality unique craftsmanship and a positive client experience.
Bob Coffee Sculpture
Bob Coffee is architect, craftsman, sculptor and co-owner of the Travis Peak Ranch West of Austin, Texas.
Bronze Sculpture by Edd Hayes Portrait Sculptor
Western sculpture and Historical sculpture that are realistic, authentic sculptural portrayals in fact and fiction of Cowboy sculpture, Horse sculpture, Lawman sculpture, Native American sculpture
Buck Fergeson
Bronze sculpture.
David Broussard
Jeweled Steel works in metal by David Broussard.
Doug Roper
Fine art, sculpture, and bronze cast works of Doug Roper, artist and sculptor, of native American people, western and southwestern themes, and wildlife art. bronze artwork, bronze, sculptures.
Doyle Glass Sculptor of Fine Limited Edition Sculpture
Doyle Glass is a realistic sculptor who specializes in portrait, figurative, wildlife and life size to monumental works. Themes of valor, courage, romance, compassion and rugged individualism are depicted.
James Surls
Contemporary abstract sculpture.
Jania Ashby
Jania Ashby's marble sculptures are inspired by a life lived abroad, influenced by the cultures of Singapore and the Mediterranean. She finds meaning and themes drawn from the sea.
Jimmy Harwell
Jimmy Harwell creates fine sculpture, creative furnishings, and artistic gates. His sculpture is three-dimensional life form in welded steel or cast bronze.
LaCroix Art Studio
Specializing in bronze sculptures in both human and animal form.
Mike Scovel
Christian and Veteran memorial sculpture.
Montage Imagers - A Sculptural Arts Design Studio
Sculpture art studio located in the Dallas Fort Worth area focusing in on art designs such as murals, architectural, globes, decor, themed environment, and other art elements.
Rebecca Low
The Contemporary Art and Metal Sculpture Studio and Gallery of Fort Worth Artist, Rebecca Low.
Arye Shapiro- Bronze, Ceramic, Portraits, Figure Sculpture
Arye Shapiro is an Austin-based sculptor specializing in the human figure and portraits. His work is available in bronze and ceramic.
Scott Trent
Large and small welded steel sculpture.


Vicki Hardin
Tony Dosiek
Roger Allen

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