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Sculptors of Texas

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Cat Quintanilla - Austin, Texas
Stone Carvings include contemporary “Plantmorphs”, goddesses and other evocative icons.

Jannette Keating
Figurative bronze and terra-cotta sculpture.

Art by Gregory Beck
It is my artistic goal to express the best of mankind, the love, happiness, intricacies of relationships, and the beauty of the human form. Life presents us with enough challenging and negative situations, and through my art I offer the viewer an opportunity for temporary escape. I am dedicated to presenting art that adds a degree of beauty, mystery, and wonder to life, and I enjoy creating avenues of visual stimulation for the viewer.


Billie Evans, Texas sculptor
Figurative and animal sculptures in bronze.


Blevins Sculpture Studio - Tolar, Texas 
Bronze statues for corporate, public, and private monuments and memorials of children and adults.


Bob Coffee Sculpture - Austin, Texas
Bob Coffee is architect, craftsman, sculptor and co-owner of the Travis Peak Ranch West of Austin, Texas. A student of western history, Coffee has been restoration architect at 3 frontier cavalry posts and architect at Big Bend National Park. In 1995 he was elected a Fellow of the AIA. He has bred and raced horses and now raises Longhorn cattle. The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America selected Coffee as their "Breeder of the Year" in 1999.


Hank Waddell - Austin, Texas
Abstract sculpture in wood, metal and other materials.


Ho Baron - El Paso, Texas
Intricate, tactile and visually intriguing, Ho's work presents a bold look into the aspects of humankind, the obvious and the hidden, the haunting and the humorous. Each image is a continuous play on our physical and emotional features. Though the works are titled, the names are but labels, and their interpretations are limitless. Ho's sculptures are fun and funny, and they are a satiric visual representation of the Ho view. They are anthropomorphic creatures and grotesque fantastic icons. Ho’s sculpture is but a peak into the spectacular Ho world, a world of more than 200 sculptures.


June Doerr Gallery - Austin, Texas
June Doerr is that rare artist who has received both immediate acceptance and continued acclaim. Although gifted in other media, the "Joie de vivre" is best conveyed in her bronze; apparent since her first statuary in 1981. Fine detail along with deep appreciation of various art forms, have inspired much of Ms. Doerr's work.


Kathleen Wilson - Austin, Texas
Portrait, figure and abstract sculpture.


La Scimmia Studios - Dallas, Texas
La Scimmia Studios creates one of a kind hand carved stone work


Marla Ripperda |
Stone carvings of plantmorphs, fetish animals, and garden or water elements


Melanie C. Thomas - Austin, Texas
Bronze figurative sculpture.


Sculpture by Arye Shapiro - Austin, Texas
Arye Shapiro is an Austin-based sculptor specializing in the human figure and portraits. His work is available in bronze and ceramic.


Sculptures and Paintings by Cindy Debold - Largo Vista, Texas
Sculpture and paintings by Cindy Debold.


Steve Morris - Austin, Texas 
Sculptures in native Texas limestone.


William C Barnett - Austin, Texas
My work is an attempt to acknowledge and explore the puzzling mysteries of the human experience. I seek to create images that resonate within the viewer, evoking universal truths that are at the core of our lives. My impressionistic figurative sculpture intends to represent the subjective nature of life's most dramatic turning points. The use of durable bronze and stone implies, for me, lasting universality of these experiences, which transcend any one lifetime or even any particular generation.

Vicki Hardin
Tony Dosiek
Roger Allen

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